Bring always with you your PokeBall


    Cicala Jewelry launches the Pokeball charm

    Cicala Jewelry launches its own Pokeball to celebrate with you the launch of the game of the moment par excellence: Pokemon Go! From yesterday Friday 15 July 15, it’s available a fun and wonderful Pokeball charm pendant made of 925 sterling silver hypoallergenic nickel free, with a polished surface. Reproducing the design and the details of the original Pokeball, the pendant is enameled by hand with the traditional white and red color, and has the middle round button in silver. It can be used in many ways: as a pendant for necklaces, as charm for bracelets, or as pendant for keyrings.

    On request we also manufacture all variants: Megaball, Ultraball and Masterball.


    The history of the Pokeball

    The Pokeball is a sphere used in the Pokémon anime series, a cartoon created in Japan in 1996 and then spreaded worldwide. Due to its round design, it’s used by Pokemon trainers to catch Pokemons and to keep them. At the time of capture, the ball automatically opens and catches the animals despite their resistances. Once taken, the Pokemon will never be able to leave the Pokeball unless called by the trainer.

    A fun and original gift

    The colorful world of Pokemon accompanies us with its cheerfulness and its imaginary adventures for over 20 years. Today, we can be real protagonists thanks to smartphones and to an advanced technology! This original pendant is a great gift for all the Pokemon lovers and it’s accompanied by an elegant gift box. When received it will be ready to be donated!

    Order your Pokeball

    To order your own Pokeball just visit the following LINK or find it among the pendants in the “Fashion” section of  Alternatively, you can contact the Customer Service via email at to be accompanied in the purchase phase of the charm or via Live Chat. Feel free to send an email for any possible customization. Do not miss it… And catch ’em all! List price is €65,00 but registering you’ll save 15% on your purcahse!

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