Cicala turned 40, celebrate with us


    “We turned 40
    but our thoughts
    are always future-oriented”

    So we want to renew our jewellery with new spaces, elegant and rational,
    where we will warmly welcome you with an unchanged passion,
    to continue the story of a wonderful world of jewelry
    made of excellence, that is not just simple luxury,
    but art, beauty and timeless passion.

    This is the message that Cicala used to inform its loyal customers: an imminent renewal of its headquarters in Genoa. Yes, after more than 40 years, and after the renovation of the shop about 20 years ago, it’s planned for the month of Jenuary a complete restyling of the store. “The location will be completely changed in the space and furnishings – says Antonio Cicala, president of Cicala – and will find place various innovative technological supports without depleting but rather enriching the traditional sales systems. The intention is to create a small lounge Jewellery Showroom (with a capital J), where the customer will feel comfortable, pampered and satisfied from every point of view, but without being frightened by an excessive and distant luxury”.

    And that’s not all: in anticipation of this long-awaited renovation will be possible to buy jewelry, silverware and watches at incredible prices. “This offer, active until December 27, will allow our loyal customers to purchase Christmas gifts in a very convenient way, which I think will be very appreciated, and the company to partially “lighten” the current stock waiting the reopening on Valentine’s Day 2016. For that day, the shop (and also the shop online will be prepared with many interesting proposals and new brands. New look, new jewels, same recipe of professionalism and convenience. In a word: Cicala”.

    “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” (Eleanor Rooswelt)


    The promotion for this event

    As mentioned above, until 24 December 2015 you will be able to buy lots of products on at incredible prices. The page “Promotions” awaits you with many proposals with amazing discounts up to 50%. This offer is not cumulative with other promotions such as, for example, the automatic discount for registered customers.

    If you are looking for a jewel and you can not find it in the promotions page, don’t worry and send us an email at As you know the Cicala store in Genoa has a much larger stock than the online one (the website is only a small window over all merchandise physically available)… It will therefore be enough to send us an email to receive a prompt reply about availability of the jewel you are requesting.

    Cicala turned 40, celebrate with us this event!