Cicala wishes you a Merry Christmas




    “In a few hours (only 4) will finally be Christmas, the long-awaited moment of the year. All Cicala staff have been happy to support you for purchases and informations, for curiosities and questions throughout the year… It has been a literally a P-L-E-A-S-U-R-E. During 2015 we grew up with you, we followed your needs with care and passion, we have also had the privilege and the pleasure to know and meet so many of you live. We rejoiced together to achieve many of your goals as graduations, weddings and births of children. In many cases we were able, despite difficult and specific requests, to fulfill the dreams and the desires of a entire life. To summarize our thoughts in a few words: we were and we are still honored to be your jewelry of reference. In this magical evening, given the frenzy of the final preparations, we only want to steal you a few moments to thank you and to show you our gratitude. Cicala wishes to you and your families a Merry Christmas.”

    Antonio Cicala