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Genoa (in italian, Genova) is the capital city of the Region of Liguria and is a glorious port town, with a long history as powerful and rich port centre. Among all it’s magnificent hidden and exclusive characteristics there are some at every tourist cannot miss, especially those that make the trip memorable and give a chance to always carry in heart this wonderful experience called Genoa. Blog dei Preziosi will recommend two Genoa travel souvenirs that will give you the opportunity to buy something unique and typical of this fantastic city.

Genoa travel souvenir

Like Rome, Venice and Florence, also Genoa has its unique symbols that characterize it and that will be seen several times visiting the town in its streets and its ancient alleys. The two most famous symbols, the ones that made it famous in history, are St. George slaying the Dragon and, of course, city emblem  composed of two rampant gryphons to support and hold a shield with a cross.

Anello San Giorgio Genova


The first of the two rings dedicated to the city represents the power and pride of Genoa: the battle between good, represented by St. George on horseback, and evil, represented by the dragon. This figure is visible in the fresco of the Palazzo San Giorgio. Formerly in Genoa, maritime republic, San Giorgio was worshiped at institutional level and became, along with the red cross on white field flag, the symbol of the Republic of Genoa.

Genoa City Ring souvenirEven today the symbol of St. George uses in the emblem of the capital city of Liguria. The cult of St. George, originally revered in the East, began in Europe as a result of the Crusades in the Holy Land.

More precisely at the time of the Battle of Antioch in 1098 when the crusaders and British leaders were rescued by the Genoese by which they overturned the fate of the battle and allowed the taking of the city at that time was considered impregnable. According to the legend, St. George would be shown to the fighters accompanied by dazzling heavenly creatures with flags on which stood out a red cross on a white field.

RING DETAILS: This ring is realized with a natural shell cameo engraved by hand; material is 925 sterling silver, with black rhodium plating and it can fit any finger size. The price of this souvenir is €135,00 and each purchase funds the children’s hospital of Genoa. More details can be found at this LINK.


There are many elements that distinguish the emblem of Genoa: the center is the crusader shield that links to the legend of St. George and the values of victory and liberation; at the sides are present two gryphons, chimeric animals, powerful, fierce and vigilant guardians of wealth. At the top is placed the ducal crown and the base sees the presence of a bronze rostrum of Roman ship at whose center there is a shell with palm branches, symbolizing the commitment of Genoa during the Crusades in the Holy Land.

RING DETAILS: This ring is realized with a cameo of natural shell engraved by hand; material is 925 sterling silver with white cubic zirconia and it can fit any finger size. The price of this souvenir is €130,00. As the one before, also this purchase funds the children’s hospital of the city. More details can be found at this LINK.

Genoa souvenir ring Lighthouse and Coat of Arms


In 2016 has been created two new masterpieces dedicated to tourists, always reflecting the most important symbols of Genoa: the historical coat of arms and the Lighthouse (commonly called Lantern of Genoa). The Lighthouse of Genoa has always been the symbol of the city: the building that has been topographically identified since the 1400s, and its image with the municipal coat of arms painted on the bottom of the tower (since 1340) is repeated in all ancient maps and nautical maps. It stood on the small hill that once was the last part of the imposing promontory – said Capo di Faro or Promontorio di San Benigno, in relation to the homonymous convent that was there – protecting the gulf of the city to the west.

RING DETAILS: Those two rings are made using only hypoallergenic 925 silver, and bring the two sculptures on the upper plateau and sides. The “Genoa” word is also visible on one side. Ring size is adjustable at wish. Price is the same, €100,00 for Coat of Arms or Lantern.

Genoa City Lighthouse Lantern

Where to buy the Genoa travel souvenir

The two rings of the city of Genoa can be bough in Genoa Pegli, a small delegation in the typical suburb of Genoa. The town, famous for its parks, overlooks the sea and can be reached it by boat as well as in the classic ways (train, bus and car). They are sold from Cicala Jewelry Shop.

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Saint George Slaying the dragon
Genoa City Emblem (cameo)
Lighthouse of Genoa (Lantern)
Genoa Coat of Arms in 925 silver

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